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Stepper motor using temperature and heating solutions


Stepper motor using the ambient temperature is -20 ~ +50 ℃, below the -20 temperature is too high will first make the motor magnetic material demagnetization, resulting in lower torque and loss, so the highest temperature of motor appearance allows should depend on the different motor demagnetization magnetic materials; generally speaking, demagnetization point quality qualified step motor magnetic materials in the above 130 degrees Celsius, so the stepping motor surface temperature at 80-90 degrees Celsius completely normal.
     The control of stepper motor surface temperature, achieve a balance, stepping motor temperature high occasions are often high voltage and large current, because the user needs the big moment, such as the surface temperature of 110HB three-phase stepper motor can reach above 95 degrees, increasing the voltage and improve the current can improve the speed and increase torque, though stepping motor heating did not cause the stepper motor is damaged, but the temperature is too high will generate temporary demagnetization, haste and does not reach. Long-term high temperature will lead to aging permanent magnetic attenuation and coil, this is some of the main reasons for stepping motor torque is not more than a year.
     Stepping motor is a kind of digital implementation of components, is widely used in motion control system. Many customers in the use of stepper motor, sensory motor when there is a larger heating, doubts, I do not know whether this phenomenon is normal. In fact, the fever is a common phenomenon in the stepper motor, but the degree of fever what is normal, and how to reduce the step motor heating?

1, the reasonable range of the stepper motor heating:

     The heating of the motor allows to what extent, depends mainly on the inside of the motor insulation level. Internal insulating properties at high temperatures (above 130 degrees) will be destroyed. So as long as the interior of not more than 130 degrees, the motor will not be damaged, while the surface temperature will be 90 degrees in the following. So, stepping motor surface temperature of 70-80 degrees is normal. Temperature measuring method is simple and useful point thermometer, also can be roughly judgement: by hand can touch 1-2 seconds, not more than 60 degrees; only by hand touch, about 70-80 degrees; a few drops of water dripping rapidly gasification, is more than 90 degrees.

2, stepping motor with the speed change of the fever:

      Constant current drive technology, step motor in static and low speed, current will maintain a relatively constant, in order to maintain a constant torque output. High speed to a certain extent, the motor back EMF increases, the current will decrease gradually, torque will decline. Therefore, the fever caused by copper loss and speed. Static and low speed when the general high fever, high fever is low. But the loss (although the proportion of small) change situation is different, and the motor whole fever is the sum of the two, so the only general situation.

3, brought by heating:

       Heating of the motor while generally does not affect the life of the motor, for the majority of customers need not bother. However, severe fever will bring some negative effects. If the motor parts with different coefficients of thermal expansion causes small changes in the structural stress changes and internal air gap, will influence the dynamic response of the motor, speed will be out of step. If some places do not allow motor overheating, such as medical equipment and high-precision testing equipment. So the motor heating shall carry out the necessary control.